Codex Global: mass emails

Name of the company you are reporting: Codex Global Reason for the complaint: Other (please specify): Unethical business practice Date of last contact: 18/09/2023 Have you signed a service agreement with them? : Yes Have you signed an NDA with them?: Yes Does your NDA explicitly prevent you from disclosing that they are your client?: No Have you completed work for them? : Yes In what capacity have you worked for them or asked to work for them?: Contractor Were you offered a rate/salary/fee, or were you asked to quote?: I quoted my rate/salary/fee If asked to quote, Did the client try to negotiate a lower rate?: No Did you get the project through a bidding system (first-come-first-served basis) or personally by a project manager? : N/A Can you provide details of the service requested/offered/provided?: N/A Service: Localisation | Project management | Localitation engineering Complaint Screenshot: