Insulting rates by Verbalia Solutions

Name of the company you are reporting: Verbalia Solutions Reason for the complaint: Offered low rates Date of last contact: 30/01/2024 Have you signed a service agreement with them? : No, I didn't accept working for them Have you signed an NDA with them?: N/A In what capacity have you worked for them or asked to work for them?: Freelancer Were you offered a rate/salary/fee, or were you asked to quote?: They offered a rate/salary/fee How much did they offer? Clarify "per word/hour/month/etc.": They first asked for my rates, and then replied "Unfortunately, we can offer you USD 0.03 per translated word, and USD 0.015 per reviewed word, could you accept it?" Did you get the project through a bidding system (first-come-first-served basis) or personally by a project manager? : N/A Can you provide details of the service requested/offered/provided?: Yes, I'd like to specify it Service: Translation | Editing Complaint Screenshot: