TransPerfect offer a rate of 25 USD/hour for MTPE and calls it a “top offer”

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  • Anonymous

    Hello: It’s even worse in my case. They never offer more than 10 per hour these days (they do “flat rate”, but I always divide). So they are really giving you a Top treatment. Also 500 output per hour. In my case, it’s over 700. Maybe because of the language pair?
    So yes, they are at the very bottom. I used to get 25 per hour 15 years ago.
    I agree also on the other complaint, the first come first get basis is the top of it. I have managed to “invoice” less than 200 USD for them (my only client now) this month, some with negotiation, some not. Ruin. Looking for a salaried job, since other agencies that contact me or I contact end up being the same or worse.
    Lots of tests and filling forms for nothing.

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