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How it works


The Translation Industry Transparency Board, or TRI-TRAB, is a platform moderated by Maria Scheibengraf and a team of volunteers to compile reports of unethical or exploitative business behaviour by translation agencies


All you need to do is submit your complaint – backed by one or more screenshots and/or documents – through the “Register your complaint” option.


The complaint submission form asks for your details simply to verify your identity and to make sure that the complaint is legitimate, but we’ll anonymise your information and we’ll protect your identity at all costs. Once we’ve verified your complaint, we’ll post it on the platform for other translators to see.

The Translation Industry Transparency Board, or TRI-TRAB, is a platform designed to give translation professionals a voice. Unfortunately, the translation industry can be a murky and opaque place, where speaking out against exploitative practices by translation agencies doesn’t usually bring about the desired change.

TRI-TRAB is here to transform all that. This online platform is a safe space where translators can anonymously submit complaints against translation agencies who are trying to exploit them. This anonymous testimonial system protects the identities of the translators and involves a moderation stage to ensure that all complaints are reliable and verifiable – that’s why TRI-TRAB requires evidence in the form of screenshots or other supporting documents.

By calling out these shameless agencies, TRI-TRAB empowers translators to stand up for their rights and to hold translation agencies accountable for their actions. Through the power of SEO, TRI-TRAB is able to spread the word about these agencies – so (ethical) translation buyers will think twice before hiring them – and put pressure on them to change their practices.


Companies with complaints

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We ordered them from Gery, an independent artist from Argentina who can use any support they can get. They’re an amazing person and a survivor, with a hard story that would send shivers down your spine. And they’re a talented illustrator!